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         Immersed in the worlds of Musical Theater and Women and Gender Studies, Lauren has spent years exploring how to best represent  lives of feminist heroes through song; how to best express the intricacies of their courage and fears. Throughout her Women and Gender Studies education, she learned the neglected histories of our world’s most silent and forgotten pioneers. This knowledge proved to have an immediate connection to her lifelong passion for musical theater as Lauren believes theater to be the best vehicle for these stories that challenge the status quo, push the boundaries on what it means to be a soldier of justice, and help develop our empathy as human beings.


         Her song writing began in 2016 when she wrote her first song, March With Me, that went on to become the title track of her first EP released later that year. Following the EP, Lauren released two singles on Spotify, Try To Love You and While We Have Tonight. As a singer and songwriter, she has performed at venues such as Prohibition NYC, The Bitter End, Haswell Green's and more. In the genre of theatrical pop, Lauren’s music sings to the power of vulnerability. Soon after, her life composing for theater began with creating an original score to the classic play, Our Town.


        In 2018, Lauren began creating The Picher Project as one half of the Music and Lyrics team. A musical about the most environmentally toxic place in America, The Picher Project tells the story of the once booming mining town whose people have long been forgotten. (More information on The Picher Project can be found          ). Lauren’s experience with The Picher Project has led her to Rebecca Jim, a leading environmental activist (and main character) in Picher, Oklahoma. Jim’s role, in her work and the production, acts as a driving force that exemplifies bravery, allowing her delicately crafted melodies and lyrics to express what it means to be daringly articulate in resurrecting lost narratives. Lauren has also appeared in the cast of The Picher Project in their performance at Dixon Place and Feinstein's/54 Below in October of 2019. Currently, The Picher Project is refining and expanding their script as they prepare for their next production.  


         Originally appearing as the Narrator in Bridesmaids:A Dance Narrative debut, a sold-out performance at Dixon place, Lauren has since appeared in Bridesmaids’ February 2020 performance at Symphony Space, featuring original songs and arrangements. (More information on Bridesmaids can be found         ). Exploring the many layers of the female experience, Lauren’s music exudes the sometimes-fragile, strength that comes with self-discovery. In preparation for the next showing, Lauren is currently working on music to help Bridesmaids become a show of entirely original music.


          Thankful for her time in the industry thus far, Lauren’s ambition will stop at nothing when it comes to lending a voice to our society’s lost narratives. There is immense universality in stories about the challenges of the human experience, and through theater, we have the ability to learn, grow and connect with history that questions what is expected. With many projects in the works, Lauren is excited and honored at the thought of continuing to learn and sing the songs of the world’s marginalized warriors.


Lauren, completely overjoyed, next to Rebecca Jim, a leading environmental activist in Picher, after The Picher Project's Feinstein's/54 Below performance.

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